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Exceptional, specialist cover for your fine art

Artwork is one of the few insurable items that is likely to appreciate in value over time, so it is important that you are protected by a specialist policy that can accommodate its true worth. Ultimart incorporates many covers that your standard home contents insurance will very likely not do.

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Exceptional one to one personal service


You will be assigned a personal art consultant who will discuss your collection with you and assist in obtaining up-to-date valuations to ensure you are always fully covered.

Increased value protection


Peace of mind when your artwork appreciates in value.

All risks cover


Cover for all eventualities including accidental damage, transit and storage.

Our partner galleries’ valuations are always accepted


Many insurers require valuations by a chartered valuer.

No security prerequisites


Many insurers refuse to pay claims if you don’t set your alarm or lock your doors and windows.

Agreed value


We will always cover you for at least what you paid for your artwork at the time of a loss.

No excess


Most insurers have a £250 accidental damage excess.

Cover for new additions


Extra level of protection for collectors adding new purchases.

Storage and transit


Fully covered when moving home or whilst in transit.

Worldwide cover


Keep your artwork anywhere – home, office or abroad. Excludes certain destinations.

Holiday home cover £100,000 per location


No security requirements for cover in 2nd or 3rd home.

Auto cover for purchases abroad


No need to worry about damage in transit back to the UK or to your holiday home

Restoration and repair


Cover for damage caused by professional restorers or framers.

Death of artist


Appreciation in value covered by up to 200%.

Pairs and sets cover


Covers loss in value if either one is damaged.

Defective title


Fully covered if your artwork is found to belong to someone else.

Inadvertent omissions


Forgot to list an item? It’s still covered up to our policy limit.

Additional costs incurred


Costs for sending items in post etc.

Items on loan


Covered for all risks.

Damage by pets


Fully covered.

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